The Tools You Need To Build Your Financial Foundation.


Building a solid financial future requires making intentional decisions with your money.

Welcome to! Our goal is to provide courses that teach people how to make those intentional decisions. We know finance can feel tricky and that there is a lot of conflicting advice on what people should or should not do with their money. Our courses seek to take the emotion out of it and to teach the decisions you need to make to build your finances on a strong and stable foundation.

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In this online course you will learn: 

  • What Phase Zero is.
  • How to get control of your money.
  • What a budget is and how to set it up. 
  • The importance of understanding cash flow management. 
  • Why your cash flow is so important to your long term success.
  • Why increasing your income does not automatically help you meet your financial objectives
  • How to audit your cash in and cash out to make sure they're in line with your future dreams. 
  • And so much more! 


Basics of Budgeting 

Learn the basics of budgeting, including what software to use, how to set it up, what categories to create, how to allocate per category and more! 

Cash Flow

Learn what cash flow is, why it's important, how to manage where it is now and how to increase it in the future!

Secure Your Financial Future

Once you've created a solid financial foundation, you are better prepared to make better financial decisions.

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There's no reason to stay stuck. No matter what your situation, it can be fixed. It starts with building from where you are, and this course will help you do that. 

 When you sign up for Phase Zero Online, you also get access to our private FB Group, with new trainings and live Q&A every other week, to keep you focused on your goal. 

We want to help you master your cash flow game, once and for all! 

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Key benefits from this course

The feeling of peace that comes from knowing where you money is, and what it is doing for you.

Phase Zero Online is a course designed to help you quickly understand the fundamental keys of financial literacy, cash flow, and how to manage your day to day so that you can get stabilized and get control of your money, instead of it controlling you. 


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I am ready to lay the right financial foundations.

Let's get to work. 

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